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Adam likes to cook vegan. I like to deal with waste.

I met Adam on my first day at university in Wales, back in September  1999. We were both 18, he was the boy next door, and we have been together since that day. We married 10 years ago, on our 10th anniversary. He studied Marine Biology, and I did Environmental Science. We both did Environmental Impact Assessment masters, and then we moved to London in 2003. Adam has been vegetarian for 25 years, and although I wasn't vegetarian, last year we took the Veganuary challenge. It was surprisingly easy and he now enjoys cooking only plant based meals at home. 


I have been working in the recycling sector for about 20 years, but last year we started to explore the Zero Waste movement. In 2019, we challenged ourselves to only having one waste bin collection #1bin1year.  We did it, read this post to see how we did it, and what we learnt.

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